Tuesday, 23 October 2018

From Chemical Engineering to Fashion Branding, the journey so far...

From Chemical Engineering to fashion branding, the journey so far....
My name is Akosile Foluke, you can read how my journey into fashion branding started HERE

The year 2018...
Year 2018 has been a very interesting year, we started the year with House of Lawof essay competition 2018 though the winning price was just 20k, it was very interesting and a lady from Bowen University won the price.

we hope to make it a yearly event to support undergraduates in our own little way, thanks to all our customers for making this possible, we also hope to increase the price money next year by God's grace. If you are reading this and you wish to partner with us on the essay competition, you can send us mail via houseoflawof@gmail.com thanks.

About House Of Lawof;
We still sell imported shoes, bags and clothes to customers who want them, our fashion blog is still very active. You can check here.
On our clothing line Foluke by House Of Lawof;
Hurray our made in Nigeria clothing line "Foluke by House Of Lawof" is 2 years today. Nigerians are beginning to patronise made in Nigeria wears and it's so nice. It always gladdens my heart when people call me to tell me they saw someone wearing Foluke somewhere, above all customers feedback has been encouraging, our wears are very durable and quite affordable you can check us out on
Facebook; Foluke by House Of Lawof or Instagram; @folukebyhouseoflawof , our whatsapp number is +2349050837625 thanks.
Below are some of our made in Nigeria wears.

Adire Republic...
We also started our Adire line called Adire Republic this year in order to promote our heritage, intrestingly, we get more patronage from foreigners than Nigerians, they seem to appreciate our adire fabrics alot but hopefully Nigerians with start embracing Adire soon. Our adire fabrics are beautiful, durable and affordable, we do wholesales and retail you can find us on
Instagram; @adirerepublic or
Facebook; Adire Republic.
Whatsapp: +2349050837625

House Of Lawof Fabrics....
June this year, we introduced fabrics into our line of business, we realised some customers will love a certain fabric that we used to make our made in Nigeria wears but won't like the style we made with it. So we decided to start selling unique and quiet affordable fabrics that clients can use to make styles of their choices. Thanks to God and also thanks to our customers for trusting us.

We have a new baby, House Of Lawof Accessories. We just started this month sales are picking up.

Is there any symbiotic relationship between chemical engineering and fashion branding?...
Alot of times people do ask me that am I dropping chemical engineering for fashion branding and I tell them chemical engineering is process engineering, life itself is a process.
From heat exchange to mass transfer, same thing is applicable to what I do presently, from coming up with designs to turning them into outfits is actually a process. There is an interprocess relationships trasfering my chemical engineering skills in making dyes to provide innovative colours for my fashion brand, colour mixing and matching, there is a great synergy turning plain fabrics into colourful designs for our customers aesthetic pleasure. Process engineering is very interesting.

Sometimes when you put A into a process you will get B, sometimes it's a reversible process other times the process may not be reversible like making a mistake while cutting fabrics if you cut a waistline of 30inches instead of 38 inches the process isnt reversible. Sometimes when you put A into a process you will get A with little alterations, for example I was in the lab for 3 months trying to transesterify tallow, it wasn't yielding any result, by the time I get to the lab the next morning the process would have given me my tallow back. Sometimes we put so much effort into doing stuff and we don't get results, it's not the end of the world but in all we do it's a step before another to get an output at the end of the day, sometimes you fail other times you succeed above all keep matching on because success is right in front of you.

In my zeal to promote and make waves for our traditional Adire to robust and eye popping designs, my inspiration was drawn from the worldwide success enjoyed by Nollywood and Afro Beat, prime examples of Nigeria's resilience and ingenuity.
I am passionate about showcasing the best in our traditional fabrics by blending the old with the new to embellish beautiful local contents to reflect and satisfy the exquisite taste of my customers.

On House Of Lawof Female Undergraduates Fashionpreneurial Scheme (HOLFUFS);
This is a project I hold so dear to my heart, I started my business as an undergraduate of University of Benin (UNIBEN), I graduated, served my country for a year and kept on doing my business. I didn't have to start singing no job song, I also want to see as many young ladies as possible towing this path, though I have some that keyed into the opportunity and are doing well in business, some just want everything to be done for them and once you do everything for them they don't put in enough effort. If I have sponsors, I am planning to do campus tour next year and talk to as many undergraduates as possible about starting a business before graduation. We can't fold hands and wait for government to create jobs, we can be job creators. I hope to see more girls keying into this opportunity.

What do I want to be known for?
I want to be known as a lady that touched lives positively in her own little ways.

My dreams;
I have very big dreams for my business especially Foluke by house of Lawof, I will be so happy when they are sold in stores all around the world, I believe if Michael Kors, Zara, LV and the rest can do it, Foluke can also do it.

Keep pushing with God on your side all your struggles will become huge success.

Role Model;
Oprah Winfrey,for setting up Leadership Academy for girls.

Who is Foluke Akosile?
Foluke Akosile is a simple lady that loves putting smiles on people's faces.

It's my birthday today, I thank God almighty for protecting  and keeping me alive, I thank my family and friends for their support, I thank my customers for trusting House of Lawof, I thank my Almas for always putting smiles on my face.


  1. Beauty and Brains. Super Enterpreneur and Billionaire in the making. Amazing woman. God keep you, and bless you immensely Ore mi. Great success is yours. Always proud of you babe. Happy birthday

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