Friday, 24 August 2018

Ladies Hangout; Women and Nigerian Politics.

Women and Nigerian Politics.

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Last time we discussed about "When a lady is tired of being the bread winner in her home", you can check HERE if you missed that post.

Today we shall be discussing women
and Nigerian Politics, I noticed alot of women still shy away from participating in politics, some due to the fear of assassination, some due to lack of funds and some because their husbands/boyfriends/ won't allow them.

Should I blame their husbands/boyfriends, I will say no, most female politicians has been tagged as prostitutes.

I believe this stereotype on female politicians is very bad, a woman that will sleep around will sleep around even if she is a full house wife and a virtuous woman remain one even if you leave her with Denzel Washington.

Our Nigerian society should please stop judging these female politicians and stop cooking up stories to destroy their homes/relationships, immediately a woman is made a commissioner, the next thing they will assume is that she is sleeping with her governor, this is so unfair.

I am not a member of any political party but I love politics, I have alot of politicians as friend, I am very close to some because out of their busy schedules they still find time to check on me, some I know very well that they will make fine leaders, they have the passion to make Nigeria better, if such are contesting for elective offices, I support them in anyway I can. Last night someone very close to me contacted me that he has been trying to dissuade someone because he assumed what I have with a particular politician is more than political/platonic, infact this was what prompted this post. I thought to myself if I decide to join a political party won't these people say worst things? It's very unfair to assume that all politically inclined women sleep around, it discourages women from participating in politics...we know women are nation builders, all over the world women are becoming presidents of Nations from Sierraleone to Croatia. Let's allow these female politicians breathe, if you don't catch them red handedly DONT ASSUME THAT THEY ARE MESSING AROUND.

If you are a woman that is interested in politics but you lack funds, join a political party, be active at your ward level, develop yourself mentally by reading books and get educated, with God on your side you someone will recommend you that you can handle a particular position, one interesting thing about life is that someone is quietly watching you and will be the person to recommend you at the right time, this is something that has happened to me, not every lady get things by lying on their backs. If someone sees that this lady is the only person that can handle this project/office the way he wants, he will have no choice but to give it to her without asking for sex.

I once got a project because people kept talking to the man that it's only Foluke that can do this job the way you want, he had no choice than to call me and the deal was sealed.

Don't also allow the fear of assassination to keep you away from Politics, just do your best and leave the rest to God.

If you are a lady that is interested in politics but you are shying away due to one or 2 reasons not mentioned here, kindly tell us why you are shying away from Politics in the comment section.

Remember that she that is dilligient in her work will seat with Queens and Kings and not with mere men.

Also remember that we as women are nation builders, let's behave as such.

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Don't forget our watchword...THERE IS DIGNITY IN LABOUR.
Till next time.
Signing out,
Foluke Akosile Lawof ( FAL).

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