Friday, 3 August 2018

Ladies Hangout; When a woman is tired of being the breadwinner.

When a woman is tired of being the breadwinner in her home...

Good morning ladies, hope you had an interesting week? Thanks for always reading this column on this blog, if you missed last week's post kindly check HERE .

Now to today's business, during the course of the week, I  was with a lady Mrs. A, she has been married for six years with two children. Her husband was a banker but he lost his job 2years ago. Since then Mrs. A has been the breadwinner, she got a placement on this government's N-power project and that is what she has been managing to survive on, other times she borrows from her friends. 

The problem is that Mr. A her husband has refused to do anything since he lost his banking job. He keeps saying he can't take any how job that will belittle him. It's either a bank job or something better. Mrs. A is frustrated and unhappy she asked me that what can she do to salvage the situation. I told her I don't know but if she won't mind me making it public on this platform, I can do that for her maybe she can get a good advice.

I honestly don't have a solution to the problem of her egoistic husband, leaving all responsibility to his wife when he could have taken up a teaching job in a nursery and primary school or start coaching classes for children preparing to write common entrance exams... I can only hope Mrs. A doesn't fall into temptation soon because the financial burden is beginning to affect her adversely.

Please if you are reading this and you have a word of advice for Mrs. A kindly drop a comment for her, she will read them and hopefully she will find a solution to her problem thanks.

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Always remember that there is dignity in labour.
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