Friday, 20 July 2018

Ladies Hangout; Small girl big god.

Good morning ladies, hope you are doing great? Hope some of us have started some of the businesses I talked about HERE last week? Please if you have any questions or challenges affecting your starting, kindly send a mail to we will look into you and reply you as soon as possible.

Today I will be talking about the new slang in town "small girl big god". I was with my friends during the week, our business discussions drifted to how people are cashing out on social media as entrepreneurs and the next thing everybody chorused small girl big god.

Small girl big god (SGBG) is the new parlance used to describe girls that claim to be entrepreneurs, they act like they are making money, showing off expensive rides, houses, trips, cars et al. Claiming Its their business that is giving them all the good life whereas it's a sugar daddy that is financing all their expensive lifestyle. They make it look like being and entrepreneur is the easiest thing on earth, I have met ladies that have fallen into depression because they felt they are working so hard but can't still afford to go on luxurious vacation. Some have even given up their businesses thinking they can't be successful at it because these SGBG make them feel like life of an entrepreneur is too easy.

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task, it involves a lot of HARDWORK, PATIENCE and DEDICATION and please be ready to face and conquer challenges. Hardwork pays don't allow SGBG to discourage you. Don't be scared of challenges, it will only make you a better person and make your business better. Even if you are not an entrepreneur, if you are dedicated to your work you will get promoted, look at a woman like Mrs Ngozi Okonjo - Iweala, you can see the way she is conquering grounds not because of a small god but because she has invested in herself and have a lot to offer. Life is a process, you clear, plant, water, nuture, tend, it's grows to maturity and bear fruits.

I honestly don't care how a female adult chooses to live her life but it becomes annoying when you show off when you know your source of income isn't descent and you keeping shouting all over social media that you are small girl with big god common you are discouraging young girls from working hard just shut up.

I have met young girls that are worried that can their budding businesses ever make them billionaires and I keep telling them to strive on because someday they will laugh last, then suddenly aunty small girl big god will appear from nowhere with her designer wears only for these young girls to find out that Aunty's lifestyle is being financed by a sugar daddy and they lose all hope to work hard.

Please concentrate on your business, don't allow SGBG distract you. Before you can get someone to invest in you, you must have a business you are doing, no body will give a lady 5M for lying on her back, I have never met one lady that can boast of that, if you know of any please tell me, you can't be lazy mentally and physically and expect someone to give you 5M because you laid on your back, common. You see head or tail you can't just be sleeping and expect manna from heaven.

Please stop thinking that you can't make it unless you have a small god. Don't give up, the time you spend on social media can be monitised. You can start a business with the money you are using to buy your designer powder and nuture it to maturity. Don't allow small girl big god to discourage you from working hard and carving a niche for yourself. Don't allow show of sudden wealth of SGBG on social media discourage you, choose the people you follow on social media wisely.

May all our efforts be crowned with huge success, keep winning we will get to the promise land.

Till next week.
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