Friday, 6 July 2018

LADIES HANGOUT; 10 businesses you can start with N10,000.

Ten businesses a lady can start with ten thousand Naira.

Good morning ladies, how are you today, hope your slaying games are on point? Today we shall be discussing  about businesses a lady can start with N10000 or less. Most businesses were started with little money and with time they grow tremendously. At first it may not be easy but with time you will be happy you started, you don't have to keep waiting for white collar jobs, you can start something with the little resources you have and groom it.
1. Errand/delivery business; you don't need a bike to start this business, due to increase in demand for goods online, most online and offline business owners are always looking out for reliable delivery person. With an e banner of 1,000 Naira posted online and offline strategic marketing, you will be in business.

2. Akamu/pap business: This is a very lucrative business that needs little start up capital. It's raining season, akamu is in great demand, also as a smart business woman, you have to target mothers with young children. I know of a lady in Abuja that supplies busy mothers with akamu. One day myself and a friend sat together to calculate her profit, she was making more than 100% profit.

3. Satchet/Pure water business: All you need is a space I'm front of your house, 5,000 Naira will buy you close to 60 bags from suppliers. You will resell to customers with profit. I know a lady that started this with 30 bags of satchet water, today the front of her house is over flowing with satchet water bags, bottled water, soft drinks she once told someone she makes 10k profit daily.

4. Event Planning: start with your children or your relatives, organise their birthday parties you don't even need capital, just draw up a budget for the celebrant. Make sure you do your best to make the party very colorful and interesting, with referrals and strategic marketing, your business will survive.

5 Gele tying: weekends are days you can make good money if your Gele tying game is on point. The cheapest I have heard of is N5000 par person so imagine you got 10 people to tie their geles at an event. This business requires little or no capital.

6. Ijebu gaari business: Especially for those who are not based in the south Western part of Nigeria, Ijebu gaari business is a very lucrative one. With less than 10000 you are in business, just package them neatly and hit the street, your gaari will be sold out in no time, you can also supply supermarkets.

7. Chinchin business: This is a very good business, make chinchin and package them nicely and sell to people or supply supermarkets. One day you may be bigger than Miminie Chinchin.

8. Puff-puff business: This is one business that gives you over a 100% profit. All you need is to make sure your puff puff is always hot, some even add pepper to spice it up, alot of people buy puff puff if you doubt me visit any of the ShopRite outlets where puff puffs are being sold, the demands are always higher than the supplies.

9. Personal Shopper: start shopping for your friends and associate, though to survive as a personal shopper people must see that you are stylish and that you wear unique pieces, this is what will prompt them to ask you to get something similar for them. so you have to up your fashion game. This business doesn't need capital to start up, you just have to be outspoken and sell yourself by being fashion forward. With a first job well done,refferals will roll in.

10. Online stores: starting an online store with little or no capital can be tricky, if you don't have readily available goods, liase with wholesalers, explain to them you want to use the pictures of their wares for display to your online followers and immediately someone demands for the goods, you can quickly buy from the wholesaler add your profit and deliver to your customers. Once you have made enough money, you can start stocking your own goods. Instead of wasting all your data on viewing celebrities videos, you can start you online store. Always ask permission from the wholesalers before using their pictures. Don't dupe people online because it not a good thing to do as a lady, you can sell shoes, clothes, bags, bedsheets, fabrics, curtains et al online.

These businesses above are businesses I have seen ladies venture into and made money doing them. If you have further questions or clarifications send a mail to if you missed the last post on Ladies Hangout  check HERE .
Always remember that to succeed in business you have to be very humble, hardworking, patient, honest consistent and prayerful. If you know any other businesses that can be started with 10k or less drop it in the comment section. If you have topics or write ups  you want us to share on Ladies Hangout that will be useful to female folks, kindly send them to

Always remember that there is dignity in labour.
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  1. Making Zobo or Kunnu is a good business that needs little capital.

  2. This is good! An eye-opening article for those who have eyes to see.