Friday, 22 June 2018

LADIES HANGOUT; Signs that should tell you he is married.

Ladies Hangout is here, we will be discussing  issues that affect ladies and how to tackle them.
This weekend we will be discussing about the signs to watch out for in that man that is showing so much interest in you, because he may be a married man pretending to be single.

In as much as some single ladies don't mind dating married men for whatever reasons, some single ladies don't wish to date married men but unfortunately some have fallen prey because the men lied to them about their marital status thereby wasting the ladies time and resources on a relationship that leads nowhere.

Today we will be dishing out some signs to look out for and we hope these helps.

  • If the man is too rich and has achieved a lot in life, no matter how young he looks, sister, he may be married.
    • If he doesnt invite you to his house but gives excuses like my mother and sisters live in the house, and he is taking his time BUT will take you to his friends place or hotel, sister, he is married. 
    • If you don't know his house but he knows yours, he is  married.
    • If he doesn't allow you go through his phone photo gallery.
    • Most often than not a man who starts to plan  wedding with you few days after meeting you is a married man.
    • If he is only available to hang out at night after work but never weekends.
    • If he doesn't answer your call or call when it's past 7pm and if he answers, it will be a short call and he will speak in low voice. Sister he is married.
    • If he hardly answers your calls but always chat with you, he may be married.
    • If he never answers his "mummy's" calls in your presence please double check, some men save their wives numbers with Mummy.
    • If he spends so much money on you, he is only trying to buy your conscience, he may be married.
    • If he only comes to see you on weekdays and never during the weekend. He is a married man.
    • If he avoids being in your pictures and social media pages.
    • If he avoids meeting your friends.
    • If most of his friends are married with kids of above 5 years.
    • If he doesn't even hang out with you in the group of his friends.
    • If he doesn't follow you to most public places.
    • If he is always goes Missing In Action (MIA) on Saturdays and Sundays, always not reachable most nights with excuse like "i sleep deep".
    • If he keeps changing your name from Baby to your real name on his phone contact.
    • If he often calls you suddenly by 8.30pm to come out that he is on your street. Don't assume that he is missing you, he only came out to buy diapers or baby food.
    • If he asks the weirdest and most raw questions during chatting : what is your best s8x style etc. Sister, he only wants to fulfil sexual fantasies, he has nothing to lose so he doesnt need to appear decent to you.
    • If he wants to see you everyday for 3 months, then he disappears for like 2 months after that. Sister his wife was pregnant and she just put to bed, run.
    • If he is always broke in January, April and September, these are periods he just pays school fees for his children.
    • If his married finger has a ring mark, know that he removes his wedding band whenever he wants to meet you.
    • If he doesnt want to hear about your dreams or have any serious conversation with you. He finds a way to bring the conversation back to s*x. Sister flee, he already has madam's palava to think about, why add yours?
    • If he drives Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey or Highlander, these vehicles are family vehicles though this is not applicable to all. 
    • If he drives more than one car, the second one is the wife's own, check the back seat. you may see baby shoes or combs/earrings/ hairpins by the door.
    • If his phone screen is always broken, his children may be responsible for the broken screen.
    • If he only calls when he is on his way home, and goes MIA immediately he reaches his gate, sister he is married.
    • If he claims to not be a social media person and tells you he isn't on social media. He is hiding lots of things.
    Ladies if you see these attributes in a man, kindly do Usain Bolt and take off, before he wastes your time and spoils your chances of meeting a single guy.

    Always, do a social media check on a person because most times you would see something to tell you if they are completely honest with you or not - Facebook is the best bet. Always ask for full name, some men would give you their middle name that isn’t linked to any social media account and that would give you an impression that they aren’t on social media. 

    All of these also doesn’t mean there aren’t men smarter than this because some are rich enough to rent houses for their sexcapades with women they know wouldn’t date them if they knew they were married. 
    This article was put to together by getting information from ladies that have mistakenly dated married men.
    The key is dont rush into any relationship.
    Till next week,
    Signing out,

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    1. If he hardly quarrels with you, he is a married man. This topic is interesting, I hope to read more interesting articles here. Keep it up.

      1. If a single man has a habit of quarelling with you, It's a sign of the future. Run for your life, lol������������

    2. If he posts friends birthday pictures regularly but never once mention you on his wall, he is either married or still shopping around with multiple women.

    3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I was a victim, but never again.

      1. Sorry about that, hope he didn't waste your time too much?

      2. This comment has been removed by the author.