Thursday, 9 November 2017

When you finally graduate but...

...have no idea of what to do next...

My name is Akosile Foluke, I am about to tell you my story.
I run House of Lawof, a female fashion brand. We major in clothing ladies, coaching aspiring fashion entrepreneur and we also teach ladies how to look good via our blog

My business started many years ago as an undergraduate at the university of Benin where I studied Chemical. Engineering. I started with the little savings I had then and luckily the business yielded profit. I was happy to have a business that was bringing in money then as an undergraduate, the most interesting part of my story is I WASN'T STRANDED WHEN I EVENTUALLY GRADUATED. It was a smooth transition from being an undergraduate to becoming a graduate. While graduates were busy moving from offices to offices in search of white collar job, I dedicated my time to nurturing my business and to God be the glory, today I am an employer of labour.
Do you desire to become a female fashion entrepreneur before you graduate from the university?

Contact me on 09050837625 (whatsapp only) or send me a mail on to be part of our House of Lawof Female Undergraduates Fashionpreneurial Scheme (HOLFUFS). Together we will go on a journey on how to become a fashion entrepreneur.
We will coach you on how to make money while studying for easy transition to being a graduate thank you.

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