Monday, 11 September 2017

Rubbing minds with entrepreneur Ibrahim-Garba Farida.

Farida is a 200 level biochemistry student of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. The Borno State born model and reigning Face of House of Lawof is the brain behind Pastries & Portions, a catering outfit that meet your confectionery needs. She told us how she started her entrepreneur journey

HOL: Can we meet you?
Farida:  My name is Ibrahim-Garba Farida, I am a 200level student of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.  I study biochemistry. I am from Borno state.  My business name is  Pastries & Portions, we meet your catering needs.  Cakes, food, snacks, etc

HOL: How did you start your business and what prompted your interest in this line of business?
Farida: I realized I was interested with anything that had to do with food. I started baking when I was in secondary school. I started just by making cakes and food in the house for my folks. I baked for friends too. I got nice feedbacks so I decided to take it to the business level.  My love for food and cakes most expecially prompted my interest.

HOL: How did you come about your business name?
Farida: Getting my business name was a tough one. I wanted it to sound really different, catchy and nice.  I didn't want the regular cake, confectionery, bakes name.  I had several options, I was confused.  Some of my friends helped me out.  I even went as far as letting friends vote for the name they liked most. A friend of mine was like “Farida it is not really about the name,just settle for one”. So after all whole up and down,  I picked Pastries & Portions and prayed about the name.

HOL: What challenges do you face in your business and how do you surmount them?
Farida: My business is a still growing, I face alot of challenges.  Lack of publicity,  most don't really know me yet. But the few people have, have given really encouraging feedbacks. I usually get “is not just to
mix butter and flour together” question.  Some will bargain like they want to buy pepper or tomato. They go really low. And sometimes it is really discouraging but I let the passion drive me over the discouragements.

HOL:  Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Farida: By God's grace Pastries&Portions should have made a name in the next five years. We look forward to providing employment for youths.  We hope to have branches in some states of the country. May God help us.

HOL: Advise for upcoming entrepreneurs
Farida: I advise you upcoming entrepreneurs to keep doing what you do.  Don't let anyone talk you down.  People may have more talents than you, buh they shouldn't work harder than you. Give in your best and you will be lifted up by God's grace!
Thanks so much House of lawof for having me.  Am really honored! I pray greater Heights for the house!

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  1. Ibrahim-Garba Farida11 September 2017 at 17:07

    I am so honored HOUSE OF LAWOF. Words ain't doing me justice. Thanks so much for all the support. God bless you.