Monday, 10 July 2017


Alabelewe Bukola holds a BSc. in Economics, the Ondo State born tall and soft spoken lady is the brain behind DUNDUN SPECIAL, an outlet that makes quality and nourishing foods available to clients when they need it. She took us on her entrepreneurial journey recently.

HOL:Can we meet you?
BUKOLA: .My name is ALABELEWE BUKOLA , I hold a BSC in Economics, i am from Ondo state, the name of my business DUNDUN SPECIAL. The business is all about making quality, nourishing and fast food available to clients when in need of it.

HOL: How  did you start your business and what prompted your interest in this line of business?
BUKOLA:  I started my businness having followed my interest in cooking, especially the uncommon meals. And also knowing how much alot of persons
 don’t  get to eat during work hours, or are too tired to cook after the day’s work.

HOL: How did you come about your business name?
BUKOLA: Dundun Special is a name that really defines the concept. It’s not just about the fries, it’s the speciality behind the fries that is what makes it different from the usual fries we are use to.

HOL: what challenges do you face in your business and how have you been able to surmount them?
BUKOLA: One of the major challenges is the fluctuations in the prices of food stuffs. It is difficult  merging the quantity required by the client and how to make your profit, and constantly reminding yourself of how you can’t afford to compromise on quality.

HOL: How has business been fairing in this Nigerian economy?
BUKOLA:  It’s been favourable so far. There is an adage in Yoruba land that explains it in all. Once the problem of hunger is solved, every other thing is less problematic.
HOL: Where do you see yourself in the next five years.
BUKOLA: I see myself 10 times bigger than we are now.
HOL: Advice for upcoming entrepreneur.
BUKOLA: Stay focused, be prayerful and be steadfast, you will get there.
Dundun Special, is a Food venture that provides you with that special satisfying snack that quenches your hunger. We have variety of Fries that you might want to try.
Fried yam with egg sauce
Fried yam with pepper/fish/beef sauce 
French fries
Fried sweet potatoes
Yam balls
Barbecue/grilled chicken
Barbecue/grilled fish
Kebab(Fried meat)
Small chops
Fried plantain
Peppered snail, etc
Drinks includes
Homemade lemonade drink
Zobo drink
Kunu Zaaki
Freshly made fruit juice.
We are aimed at meeting the needs of your tummy to the best satisfying level.
For your order placement, call
Phone Number: 08033782570, 09029899107 
WhatsApp : 08033782570
Bbm: D89A7884
Home/office deliveries available. These services are also available for any of your special occasions such as meetings, birthday parties, child dedication etc.

Snack well, Feel well!!!


  1. Wonderful so glad I wish you best of luck to greater places in this world

  2. Roseline Lawal10 July 2017 at 22:13

    All d best my darlin friend. God will enlarge d biz. So proud of u dearie!

  3. See you 100 times bigger in the next 5 years. Congratulations and God bless.

  4. Seeing you 10 times bigger in the next five years is an understatement but opening branches across the country is my prayer for you. My dear you're a barrier breaker jò.

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  7. You will be trillion times bigger in years to come. All d best during special.
    I really enjoyed your Ofada Sauce.
    Thanks and Godbless

  8. All the very best in your endeavour