Monday, 1 May 2017


Uche Onyekwelu is an HND holder in Estate Management, the Nnewi born entrepreneur is the brain behind STUCH furnishings enterprise and the pioneer in making of Ankara duvet for hotels. Young, beautiful and very smart, you will find her entrepreneurial journey very interesting.

HOL: Can we meet you?
Uche: My name is Uche Onyekwelu, I am an HND holder in Estate Management, I am from Anambra State and my business name is STUCH furnishings enterprise. We are into soft furnishings and more specialised on beddings.

HOL: How did you start your business and what prompted your interest in this line of business?
Uche: The inspiration came back then when I was still in school and I was assisting my friend in her shop. The lady supplying us bedsheets for the shop only bring Bedsheets when she comes visiting her family in Ilorin, so she drops the bedsheets with us then get her money when she is travelling back in a week . So whenever customers comes to the shop, I quickly show them the bedsheets so that we can finish selling all and be able to able to pay her. . . .then I realized that almost everybody I showed needed one so the bedsheets sells out in days  ! Then we will be out of stock until the Lady visits again. So I started making enquiries about where to source for quality beddings but my school activities did not really permit me
not until my NYSC year when I then had enough time to go into the business.

HOL: Interesting!How did you come about your business name? 
Uche: As a Catholic we believe in Saints ,so ST means Saint then UCH from my name Uche . I really wanted something unique to me that I can easily grow into a household name .

HOL: How has your business been fairing in this Nigerian economy. 
Uche: It has been very tough , our cost price increased and our profit margin reduced but as entrepreneurs , we just have to keep going.

HOL: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Uche: My Brand will definitely be a household name to be referenced to for quality and beautiful beddings.

HOL: Advise for upcoming entrepreneurs .
Uche: You have to be ready to  work, sacrifice ,invest you all into the business, then patiently watch it grow . .  Rome was not built in a day .


  1. She is industrious and the kind of woman ever man dreams of

  2. I have never met you, But what I hear about you is tremendous.. A kind of passion every Nigerian youth should replicate. Steve Okechukwu.

  3. Sincerely,from the first day I transacted with you(Uche).I noticed the professionalism in business. Keep the good works!