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Buba Jummai is the CEO of LAD ( Lollipop African Design) an Abuja based fashion outfit that caters majorly for children. Jummai is from Plateau State and a graduate of psychology from the University of Jos in Nigeria, HOL rubbed minds with her recently to know how she started her business.

HOL: What is your name?

Jummai: My name is Jummai Buba

HOL: Can you tell us how your entrepreneural journey started?

Jummai: My entrepreneurship skill started at a very early age, when I was in primary school I love to draw princesses in lovely dresses and paint them also I would pick pieces of material from the tailors shop and make little dresses for a hand made form doll I made with my play group as a child. Also my grandmother was a seamstress growing up with her and my mum who had a tailoring shop I guess that influenced my interest in clothing but I had to put that interest away at a point in my life those drawings was seen as being playful and I had to concentrate on other "serious" activities to get good grades in schoolI had alwayed loved creativity my best subject in secondary was technical drawing but I didnt do well in other sciences subject so I had to move into social sciences.

HOL: How did you come about your business name  LAD?
Jummai:  I love kids, I always wanted to do something to make them smile and as destiny will have it I meet a friend Cathy who had passion for charity n fashion show, during her first fashion show I assisted her during the show in 2015 and it kind of brought back d passion I had as a child to be creative I then went found a good tailor n paid him to learn at home, my mum had an old butterfly machine in d store that I cleaned up and started learning with, I was anxious to Learn I remember telling my trainer I was a fast learner he thought I was joking and was amazed when he came some days and I had made a full dress without instructions. It was quite difficult for me to decide a name I had a few in mind before LAD but I wanted my name to truly say something about where I was coming from and how it started, I finally decided on the name during one of my visit to the orphanage home at Kuje the vine home with an NGO livebridge foundation when lollypop sweet was shared to the kids in the home and it lifted there spirit they were happy and I tot my dresses have to put a smile on thier faces like the lollypop so I found a part of the name that day, the second part African I thought I love being African I have meet alot of people ever since my friend Cathy started her latiwa project and I 
wanted to incorporate foreign and African into why design then I added African n design to it hence the name LAD lollipop African Design.

HOL: Why did you decide to cater majorly for children?

Jummai: I decided to cater for children because apart from making others look good I love kids n love seeing kids happy I figured alot of attention was already given to adult in the fashion industry and there was a gap so I decided to be part of the people to fill in that gap. Also LAD goal is to meet the needs of children who can't afford there basic needs the orphans gave me this idea for the name so a LAD would do its best for kids especially the orphans.

HOL: How has your business being fairing in this Nigeria economy?

Jummai: My business although young it's been pretty good I have had two fashion shows and that has helped me alot I received orders for kids and I have done bridal shower dresses for adults and am looking into costumes for adult also. But kids have been my major customers they love my dresses and I love them too it's been good and God has really 
helped my business even with this current economy.

HOL: Word of advise for up coming entrepreneurs

Jummai:  Word of advice to readers is for them to follow after their passion it is never too early or to late to do what you are passionate about.

Some of her works;

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