Monday, 23 January 2017

Entrepreneurial Training For Female Undergraduates.

HOUSE OF LAWOF in partnership with WE ANIMATE is bringing an online course to your doorstep; "Entrepreneurial Training for Female Undergraduates" Tagged: The earlier you start being your own boss the better.

If you are female and you know you want to start a business before leaving school and save yourself the stress of searching for job, you need this course.

Please spread the news to all your female undergraduate friends, who knows you may just have secured someone's future by sharing this post

The course will run for 2 weeks strictly online so it is convenient.

For some of us that are already out of school and also want to register for this course you are free to do so. The advantages of participating in this online course are numerous.

For questions and enquiries please contact:
bbm pin: 335AC392 
whatsapp: 09050837625.
Please tell a friend to tell a friend thank you.

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