Monday, 17 October 2016


 A Lot of us look at our body sizes and get confused on what to wear to flatter our size. No matter your body size there is always a way to rock it
If you are

Big: wear clothes with vertical lines like the one we have above, horizontal lines will make you look more round, if you are big and short floor lenght dresses or skirts or trousers will make you look taller. Bold patterns on clothes makes a big lady look bigger. Subtle colours are better on a bold lady than very bright colours. Stay aware from flared clothes or
pleated clothes it will make you look bigger than you actually are. If you have bulging tummy peplum blouses and dresses have a way of hiding big tummy better still you can get a girldle. Don't wear clothes that are too clingy they betray your folds. Above all carry yourself well and be neat we can't all be slim.
For a lady that is not big or petite virtually everything will sit well on her. She can rock bright colours, bold patterns, both vertical and horizontal lines.

If you are Petite, you can do lots of horizontal lines designs it makes you look rounder. Bold patterns are very ok for a petite lady. It makes her more noticeable. Wearing high heel shoes will accentuate
your height. I hope these helps someone next week we shall discuss how to dress your complexion
Do have a great working week ahead.