Sunday, 23 October 2016

FOLUKE by House Of Lawof

God be praised and thanks to all our customers over the years, With the help of God we are starting our clothing line "FOLUKE by house of lawof". We have been retailing for 8 years now we are trying our hands on our own clothing line, I pray this becomes a very big brand someday soon (amen). They are quite affordable don't worry recession is not our portion. Today also doubles as my birthday, a big thank you to all the people that have taken out time off their busy schedules to wish me happy birthday may God continue to honour you, I love you all thanks for being there. The blouse and skirt above are from our brand, more pictures of what we have in stock after the cut hope we tried #blushing

Pleated Skirt

Skirt and blouse are available

Off shoulder crop top is available


  1. Yipee!!! I'm over excited! Foluke by House of Lawof shall grow bigger and bigger in Jesus name. Happy birthday honey,ure the best.

  2. house of lawof is surely going places. nice one.

  3. Happy belated birthday and congratulations on your clothing line

  4. Happy belated birthday dear

  5. These outfits are so lovely... Love the pleated skirt... Ehen lmme check for shoe that will go with it๐Ÿ™ˆ... You will grow bigger and bigger.. We all gonna be here.. ✌️

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    1. Thanks sweetheart, a red shoe will be perfect for the pleated skirt.

    2. Thanks sweetheart, a red shoe will be perfect for the pleated skirt.