Tuesday, 12 July 2016


A lady's finger nails should be kept clean at all times, once your nails are dirty you are assumed to be a dirty lady. Finger nails are easily noticeable unlike toe nails that you can hide inside a cover shoe. You don't necessarily have to fix false nails if you are not comfortable in them but you can as well make your natural nails look descent. Some of us wonder why boo hasn't proposed with diamond ring? Guess he feels your finger nails are too ugly for a diamond ring looool. Dirty nails harbour germs let's take good care of our nails. Pictures of lovely nail designs after the cut...


  1. I just had this discussion today with a colleague. No matter how had I try I still can't keep dirt off ma nails... I can't stop using ma teeth to cut the nails.
    I have fixed and fixed my nails and they are begining to develop scars due to filing and glue.
    Pls any solution would be very helpful...

  2. Nne just find a Quincy around you and date eh!!that's the best and permanent solution.A romantic boo is all you need,he knows how to take good and efficient care of your body talk less of your nails.

    1. Who is this Quincy, he or she is too funny LMAO.