Monday, 13 June 2016


 Ashakebeads n more creation is an artistic outfit that specialises in making if beads and sales of jewelries for all occassions.@ Ashakebeads we assure our clients of quality beads and accesseries,fabulus, exquisite and eye catching design.we strive to give our customer that special touch that will complement whatever attire they are putting on,makking them stand out in any crowd.For our brides we reflect their personality thereby adding uniqueness to their ceremony. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs blend them with our expertise.we also assist them in choosing the right colours and showing them the designs in vogue.Our commitment and unbeatable price makes our clients to ask for more.we make it a point of duty to ddeliever your orders promptly and without can reach us by sending an email to,place a call our watapp us on 07033573736 or 08028436248 or like our facebook page :ashake beadds n more or follow us on IG:ashakebeadsnmore.

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