Friday, 27 May 2016


My name is Mimi, please I need your advice .

My boyfriend claims he doesn't cheat on me and will never cheat but I noticed that whenever there is a discussion about cheating amongst his friends he sees nothing wrong with it and supports the cheating friend. I have asked him if he is sincere with me he told me am an exception he can't cheat on me. Please people what do u think, do you think he is also cheating on me? I can't stand a cheating man because my father left us for another woman at a tender age and I know what my mum passed through to raise us. We have been dating for a year now so I can still walk away please advise.



  1. Babe better brace urself up,coz cheating is inevictable for a man..its in their DNA.. get prepared...

  2. Hmmm... since you haven't caught your boyfriend guess he is cheating responsibly.

  3. To me,d'nt dwell on de idea of cheating.since u hv nt caught him just 4get abt it

  4. Have you ever seen a man who accepted that he cheats? Even if you catch him red handed there would still be an explanation. So my advice is that if he is responsible about it, let it just be. There are only two types of men that cannot cheat. One is me and the other is the guy you are dating. So relax and enjoy the ride.